The Holy Mysteries (Sacraments) of our Church

Sacrament of Baptism

Parents of the baptismal candidate are to be active members of the St. Anne Church Community for a minimum of three months prior to the baptism taking place.  Please phone the parish office to make an appointment to meet with Fr. Mark.  Please make arrangements well in advance at 667-9588.

Sacrament of Marriage

Please make arrangements at least one year in advance with the parish office and Fr. Mark.  All couples are required to attend the yearly marriage preparation program held during the Lenten season and are to be active members of the St. Anne Church Community.

Sacrament of Holy Confession

Confessions are heard 20 Minutes before Liturgy in the eastside church confessional and as announced during St. Phillips Fast (Advent) and Lenten seasons.  No booking necessary.

Visiting & Praying for the Sick

In the event of an emergency Father Mark Gnutel may be contacted at the parish rectory ( [204] 667-2154),  as well as in advance, if being admitted to hospital for care.  The Anointing of the Sick and the bringing of the Sacraments to the sick are a special grace for you and the priest.

If you, or any members of your family are sick, and will be entering the hospital or are in need of special prayers for health, please submit your name to the Parish Secretary in the parish office, at 667-9588 – those names will be included on the prayer list.

Divine Liturgy Intentions

You may schedule a Divine Liturgy for your personal intention, for the health of your family, deceased loved ones, special intention etc.  Suggested Liturgy intention donations are $20.00.  Of the three Sunday Liturgies held at St. Anne, one is for the general intention of our parishioners; the other two liturgies are for your specific intentions.  Please phone the parish office to schedule a liturgy intention – 667-9588, or use the specially marked envelopes located in the church and drop them in the Sunday basket.

Perpetual Light

To the right of the holy sanctuary of the church, you see a red candle that is kept constantly lit.  This candle reminds us of  the divine presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ, in the Holy Eucharist that is kept in the tabernacle on the altar.  A beautiful custom of our church is to make a donation to have this candle lit for a week, as a prayerful remembrance of any prayer intention you may have.  A list of available dates is maintained by the parish office.  Special Perpetual Light Intention offering envelopes (suggested offering is $10) are available at the back of the church, for insertion into the Sunday collection basket or to be dropped of at the parish office.  To schedule your date of intention for the perpetual light, please phone the parish office, at 667-9588.


If you require an appointment with Fr. Mark, please contact the Parish Office and it will be arranged as soon as possible.